Creative Artists - Collaborating to bring to Life a Spark of Inspiration that longs to be Created

Welcome to 'Dance Artists'

Welcome to 'Dance Artists. We are a group set up to bring together like-minded creative people with a passion for dance - particularly narrative ballet. We are about giving people a go and a chance to follow their dreams of working creatively, trying out their ideas and honing their skills. Those drawn to work with us might be young and inexperienced, at the beginning of their career or with varying degrees of professional experience as well as highly motivated amateurs who just love working in the theatre. We offer opportunities and experience which in turn may be used to develop your portfolio of work, provide evidence of your competency, expand or diversify your professional experience, hone your skills and talents or just fulfil your need to work in ballet-theatre. Please note that if you are a professional looking for fully paid work then 'Dance Artists' is not for you! We want to make clear that no one involved with 'Dance Artists' gets a wage or is permanently employed in any capacity. No one! It works like this. All work is offered entirely for the experience and opportunities to be gained and is on a voluntary basis.  Expenses are budgeted in advance and financed under agreement directly with the individuals concerned. So, if you are a creative artist looking to work with dance in order to expand your skills and talents, develop a portfolio of work, gain essential experience, or simply because you have a love and passion for what you do then we might be able to provide a means towards that end. You may be a student or graduate looking to gain practical hands-on experience and/or to build a portfolio of work. You might be already working professionally in theatre and want to expand your potential in a different field or because you don't get much of an opportunity to develop in the way you want to in your current working situation. Maybe you are just an enthusiastic amateur who has always worked with theatre and dance and would love to continue doing so in a different context. Interested? Curious? Whoever you are we'd love to have you on board to make up a great team of like-minded passionate theatre people with highly creative minds.

Creative Director - Dance Artists

I am a choreographer, artistic director and dance production manager. I work mainly with classical ballet to create full length narrative ballets with dramatic storylines as well as reproduce established repertoire in exciting new ways. I include classical and new-age music as well as contemporary and ethnic dance forms in all my work. In the last few years I have been overcome with a series of illnesses that have overwhelmed my ability to work fulltime and to my previous level of activity. However, I still have that strong urge to create and bring my ideas to life - but now I will have to do this in a way that allows me to work around and with my new limitations. I have set up 'Dance Artists' as a way of doing this with the aim of bringing together a team of creative artists who love to work with dance and who would like to use their skills and talents to collaborate on producing exciting and dynamic dance productions. The only way this is going to work is by obtaining grants, loans and funding to finance the running costs and expenses for each individual production. If you think that being a part of 'Dance Artists' might work for you, then have a look through the site and if being a part of this unique creative process seems like it fits you then do please be in touch - we'd love to hear from you. PLEASE BARE WITH US AS WE BUILD THIS SITE.