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The Ballet Staff

'Dance Artists' creates its work on 'West Coast Ballet Theatre' - a separate sister organisation operating as a ballet company. WCBT is made up of dancers with a wide range of training backgrounds and performance experiences who are not paid professionals. The dancers are enrolled participants or volunteers who are permanent members of the company or who join for a specific production only. Regular weekly rehearsals, an Education Program, various Gala's and other live performance events are facilitated by WCBT throughout the year. With a busy schedule of rehearsals and performances and in order to maintain high technical and artistic standards, and ensure readiness for performance WCBT relies upon a dedicated and skilled 'Ballet Staff'  to fulfil the long-term roles and responsibilities that are essential to running a ballet company. The 'Ballet Staff' are a part of 'Dance Artists' - not in the sense that they are creating work in the same capacity, but they are in another sense in that they are crucial to assisting the  creative team in helping their work to take form. There are regular joining and information sessions (Auditions) to participate in, warm-up and company classes to give, rehearsals to assist with, performances to facilitate, as well as assisting in bringing the overall production to life via the dancers. See

Caron Yardley - Artistic Director | Choreographer

Caron Yardley has had extensive experience as a dance teacher in both the vocational and private sectors, and has been Artistic Director and Choreographer for many youth ballet organisations in the UK and Australia - staging the traditional classics as well as producing her own full length and one-act original productions. Caron is also Creative Director of Dance Artists alongside the role of Artistic Director and Principal Choreographer for WCBT and is responsible for all decisions regarding repertoire and casting for performances, gala's and events, the education program and sharing the decision-making regarding auditions. Caron will be supported by a small team of individuals assisting in various artistic capacities to maintain the smooth running of rehearsals and performances as well as the artistic and technical integrity of the dancers.

Assistant to the Artistic Director | Ballet Mistress

The Assistant to the Artistic Director is a highly important and diverse role - from giving classes, to supervising and assisting with rehearsals to working closely with the Artistic Director/Choreographer and Technical Team to ensure technical standards and the image of the company in general. Their role includes taking Warm-Up Class prior to rehearsals as well as Company Class on stage prior to performances, maintaining technical standards and taking responsibility for the artistic integrity of the company as a whole. They act as a role model and a point of contact for the dancers while at the same time implementing specific artistic and choreographic requirements from the choreographer. The AAD|BM is also charged with meeting dignitaries and special guests at performances and events and acting as the WCBT Ambassador. They are the interface between the dancers and the Creative Artists as well as an important part of the creative decision-making process with the various Dance Artists Creative Teams and the Audition Panel. They are someone who has a deep love and passion for classical ballet with an understanding and appreciation of contemporary and ethnic dance forms, theatre, music, drama and mime as well as having some Technical knowledge.

Assistant Ballet Teaching Staff

Assistant Ballet Teaching staff support rehearsals and assist where the AAD | Ballet Mistress/Master needs the support or for general cover in her/his absence, as well as supporting the rehearsals and performance seasons as appropriate. Assistant Ballet Teaching staff are also key members of the Audition panel who assess and select new dancers to join the company. They have a deep passion, love and understanding of ballet and enjoy being a part of the whole creative process.

Ballet Staff - Volunteer Support

All the great work of the professional Artistic and Ballet Staff is supported by a small team of dedicated Volunteers who are all passionate about dance. They have a variety of experience to offer from the day-to-day running of rehearsals to supporting our live theatrical productions - such as assisting to ensure regular rehearsals, shows and events run smoothly to supervision and administration; from note-taking and being a runner to door-keeping and signing-in as well as making the tea! Volunteers   ensure that everything runs stress-free and smoothly. All Volunteers who support the Ballet Staff are part of 'West Coast Ballet Theatre'. If you are interested in volunteering please see and visit the volunteers page on their site to find out more.