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Publicity, Digital Media and Promotion

With the aim of 'Dance Artists' to present a number of full-scale theatre productions as well as a supporting education program with West Coast Ballet Theatre these will require adequate and appropriate promotional campaigns. All shows and events need to be promoted and marketed prior to performances as well as the tracking of feedback and comments from our audiences. We also need to maintain a social and digital media presence alongside our paper-based promotional materials and standard media marketing procedures. We welcome interested people who would love to 'design' our promotional materials based upon our brief - such as posters, leaflets, theatre programs and educational booklets. We are more than happy for people to use any such materials they have designed for us to use in their portfolio as evidence of their professional work or to use any R&D and statistics from venues and audiences which measure the marketing success of your work. 

VACANCY - Publicity and Marketing

We are looking for someone who would like to take responsibility for our publicity, promotion and marketing activities. Someone who would enjoy promoting our full scale major ballet productions  at various venues as well as gala and one-off events plus an on-going education program and outreach work. This opportunity is ideal for anyone wanting to get into marketing (student, graduate, enthusiast etc.) and is a great way to extend your portfolio and support it with R&D, feedback and statistics from venues which measure the campaigns success.  -  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A PAID POSITION  -

VACANCY - Theatre Program and Booklet Design

We are looking for someone who would enjoy designing our theatre programs and our annual education program booklets. This opportunity is ideal for someone wanting to get into marketing and promotion work, students or graduates, and anyone with a keen interest in this type of work.  -  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A PAID POSITION  -

VACANCY - Digital Media Champion

We are looking for someone to act as our champion to promote our upcoming performances and events. Someone who enjoys what they do and takes pleasure out of promoting the work of the creative artists and the dance-performers and seeing the interest generated and the feedback received from audiences. You will be working to promote the large toured full-scale productions and smaller events as well as one-off events and gala's and an on-going education and outreach program.  -  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A PAID POSITION  -

Volunteer Supporters

The work of the Publicity, Media and Marketing Team is supported by Volunteers from West Coast Ballet Theatre - people who are keen and dedicated to helping 'Dance Artists' and WCBT in a variety of different ways as required and directed. This means that your design and creative skills will have the support it deserves by people who are committed and will do the leg-work to get your work where it needs to be. All Volunteers for the Publicity, Digital Media and Marketing Team are part of West Coast Ballet Theatre. If you are interested in volunteering in this capacity please see  and visit the volunteer page on their site to find out more.