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Technical Theatre

Dance theatre relies upon the support of Technical Theatre as much as any other form of live staged performance. Some would say that working with dance is a lot harder and more challenging than theatre, which is what can draw people towards working with dance. Most permanent jobs as Theatre Technicians or Technical Directors are in non-repertory theatres where there is little or no creative input towards productions that hire the venue or are on tour with their own technical team. Whether your penchant for technical theatre is as an amateur enthusiast, student, graduate or you are already working as a techy 'Dance Artists' can offer Theatre Technicians a unique opportunity to branch out and work with dance more creatively. For example,  by designing the technical aspects of a show with the choreographer from the conception of their idea - and not just new and original productions but re-workings of the classics in exciting and dynamic ways. We offer the opportunity for you to put your experience and knowledge into practice as well as your own ideas, and put your own stamp on things. This opportunity might offer a chance to develop a portfolio of work to improve your chances of being engaged to design a show or may be a way to show potential employers what you are made of. Dance productions are exciting and challenging, and the experience gained from working backstage in one of the many technical roles will greatly add to any graduates' CV, to expand horizons if already in the field; raise the level of your skills, knowledge and competency; or to just feed that passion that you have.

VACANCY - Technical Director | Designer

We are looking for someone who is inspired and desires to design and/or light for ballet and dance. Someone who would love to light established ballets from the traditional repertoire in new and exciting ways as well as keen to design from anew all aspects of brand new original productions.  Someone who is keen to embrace new technology as are we, and who is willing to experiment or improvise to get the 'right' effects in place by any means. You may want to work solely the lighting design and technical theatre aspects working closely with the choreographer from concept or you may want to work as lighting technician on live shows only - or both. You may not be available for every performance due to other work or commitments, but that's okay as long as someone is trained to cover in your absence or the work is shared. Whoever you are you are passionate about what you do.

VACANCY - Sound Technician | Musician | Composer

Music and dance go together - of that there is little doubt!  While our situation does not afford the 'luxury' of a full orchestra or an entourage of personal musicians we still need to have the expert ear and experience of a musically minded person. Most of our productions will be using recorded music with musical excerpts pieced together from various recordings in order to ensure the correct tempi for the dancers with music that is seamless, sounds good, and maintains correct levels at all times - so a great creative sound technician is needed to bring it all up to standard. We hope to be able to use live music in some productions in the future and of course, original musical compositions too. For now we require muso's who enjoy working with dance and who are keen to produce the sound for our productions and be involved during shows to ensure sound levels are good throughout.

VACANCY - Stage Manager

We'd love to have our own special 'Stage Manager'. Someone who comes and watches our rehearsals from time to time and gets to know the dancers and the team in general, who knows what's expected of the production and will devise the prompt book with the Technical Director and Choreographer. Someone who loves dance and working with dancers, who understands the unique needs of dance-theatre, and particularly ballet. Someone who is keen to assist with the Get In/Get Out and setting-up/striking the show and of taking full charge once the half-hour call has been called and who liaises well with the dancers, creative team and staff at theatre venues.

VACANCY - Technical | Stage Crew

A basic technical | stage crew is normally supplied as part of hiring a Theatre. We would like to have a team that we can call our own and be part of the family. So anyone who wants or has experience working backstage with dance is most welcome to spend some time with us working on our productions. Maybe you have experience as an Electrician or Fly-man, maybe you prefer to work with props and sets and like to fix things and keep everything in working order, or you just like the buzz of moving scenery on/off stage in the blackout as Technical Crew.

VACANCY - Set Design and Making

As we are not a funded and permanent company we do not have the luxury of having a workshop to make everything we need for our productions. We therefore have to hire most of our scenic needs. There are still some sets that we will need to make ourselves and which we'll need for other productions, and when we have the funds to support a brand new production we'll definitely need the likes of folks who'd love to design and/or be involved in making the sets for us. We don't mind if you are raw and in the early stages of your career, in training, or an enthusiastic amateur with limited experience or if you just want to do more of your own thing while working for others.

VACANCY - Backstage Volunteer Support

All the great work of the Creative Artists and Technical Design team along with the various Technical experts will be supported by dedicated Volunteers who have experience working backstage to support theatrical productions - from assisting with moving sets, to supervising the stage door, basic crewing or being a runner  during rehearsals and shows they are there to make sure the show runs smoothly. All Volunteers supporting the Technical Team are part of 'West Coast Ballet Theatre'. If you are interesting in volunteering in this capacity please see and visit the volunteers page on their site to find out more.