Creative Artists - Collaborating to bring to Life a Spark of Inspiration that longs to be Created

Our Productions

'Dance Artists' aims to create and produce dynamic and exciting ballet-theatre (choreo-drama, as it used to be called) on the dancers of West Coast Ballet Theatre - the source material onto which we create. We aim to present three 'seasons of ballet' annually on WCBT with Dance Artists serving to facilitate all the creative and producing aspects - be this re-creations of existing traditional ballets from the established repertoire or brand new original works. WCBT will also present its own one-off events in the form of Annual Gala's, one-act ballets devised for children and presented to children's audiences, choreographic events and a rolling education program including events, workshops and master-classes etc. for dancers, teachers and audiences in studio settings and theatre venues. WCBT aims to introduce 'outreach' work in the form of 'relaxed' performances for the disadvantaged, and morning melodies for our seniors (among many other possibilities). All productions are presented with a new 'edge' and perspective to demonstrate that narrative classical ballet doesn't always have to be completely re-invented in context and choreography in order to be relevant and meaningful. Our goal is to retain the integrity of productions by their original creative and dance artists while giving those productions a new feel and vitality - such as changing the lighting from just making the dancers 'visible' on stage to bringing more dramatic and artistic integrity into the scenes and dances. We aspire to reinvent the traditional as well as our own original and new ballets, with that something special that brings the ballet alive and into the 21st Century without ripping it apart but bringing in more heart and soul.

Inaugural Major Ballet Season

Our first 'Season of Ballet' is one of the most well known and loved full length romantic ballets in the established traditional repertoire -  'Giselle'. The choreography will remain true to the original with very few adjustments and while the story will remain within the era, location, and period of history in which it was set; it will be reproduced lovingly and with a fresh and exciting dramatic and theatrical outlook. It will be the Giselle that balletomanes and traditionalists know and love, yet reinvented in such a way as it will stir the heart and lift the soul thus showing a deeper understanding of what our romantic forbears had in mind when they first created this ballet - we're just taking it that step further with a great technical and creative team.

Major Ballet Season

Caron Yardley's  'Giselle' - To be confirmed.

Annual Classical Ballet Gala

One-Act Classical Ballet in a shared program.                         'Les Sylphides' - To be confirmed.

Children's Ballet Season

One-Act Children's Ballet devised for children.                          Caron Yardley's  'The Sorcerers' Apprentice' - To be confirmed.

'Created In' Choreographic Season

One-Act original ballet in a shared program. Caron Yardley's  'Etudes of War' - To be confirmed.

Original Ballet Season

An original full length three-act ballet production with libretti, concept and choreography by Caron Yardley - Snow White - to be confirmed.

None of these events are booked and confirmed at this time. This program is subject to change.