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Wardrobe & Costume Design

Productions by 'Dance Artists' are a balance between brand new original works and re-workings of the traditional ballet repertoire. We love to work with folks who are interested in dance wardrobe in both the making of costumes as well as the design, whether you are experienced or inexperienced or limited in your current role but desire an opportunity to try your own costume designing and/or making. Not being a large fully funded company and with limited finances and resources many of our costumes have been acquired and have become our base stock - so there will be productions that require a re-working of the existing costumes (improving and/or embellishing them further). However, with completely new works you will have the opportunity to be able to design or make from scratch too. We'd enjoy working with anyone who wants the 'experience' of re-making and re-hashing what we have and enjoys the challenge of working within our limitations. We love embracing new ideas which, with some of our new dance works, will require specially designed costumes that aim to identify a character or complement a particular type of movement.

VACANCY - Wardrobe 'Production' Design

We are looking for someone who loves working with dance costumes. Our costume needs range from basic costumes that include skirts, underskirts, jackets and blouses to complete dresses for women to tights/trousers, shirts, vests, jackets, coats and full outfits for men - be that in the classical ballet or period styles - to classic and romantic tutu's. Supporting cast may be required to be dressed in full period or regal costume. We'd love someone who can help to use the stock we have and help to re-invent existing costumes into new one's as well as design a new production from scratch or would like to take charge of a production. We don't mind if you've had no experience other than college, or if you want to branch out as an aside to your normal job or because you just plain love making costumes for the stage.   -  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A PAID POSITION  -

VACANCY - Embellishment and Sequining

Many of our existing costumes will need further embellishment or sequinning to improve them for an upcoming production as much as new one's will need to be created from scratch. We are looking for someone who loves to sew and enjoys creating individual masterpieces of their own design, or others, and likes the challenge of improving a set of existing costumes. This role might suit someone who loves attention to detail and likes to work on a 'project' - and we don't mind if people choose to work on a single costume as part of a project, and see its transformation into something of their own design or if they work on a complete set of costumes under specific design instructions. You can choose what you work on specific to time-bound deadlines that work with you.   - PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A PAID POSITION  -

VACANCY - Making Headwear

We are interested in anyone who loves designing and/or making their own, or other's ideas for headwear for dancers - from tiara's to hats or any headwear as required for a production. There will be opportunity to design and/or make for established productions as well as brand new original works. You can work on a few individual items or be responsible for a whole set of headwear depending on the deadlines and time you have to offer. You may be an amateur enthusiast, a student or graduate that wants to build a portfolio of work, or an ex-milliner who wants to keep their hand in, in fact anyone who loves working with this specialty.  -  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A PAID POSITION  -

Wardrobe and Costume Volunteers

We have a group of wonderful Volunteers to support the Wardrobe, Costume Design and Sewing Team in a variety of ways to ensure that everything is on time and perfect. They will assist to cut and make costumes as well as unpick, decorate, fix, trim, pin and hem. They will be on duty to assist in repair costumes during performances, as well as fit and take care headwear and wigs. This means that your design and creative skills will have the support it deserves by dedicated people who will help to get your work done. All Volunteers for the Wardrobe Team are part of 'West Coast Ballet Theatre'. If you are interested in volunteering in this capacity please see and visit the volunteering page on their website to find out more.