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West Coast Ballet Theatre

West Coast Ballet Theatre serves two purposes for 'Dance Artists' - both of which are equally important. Firstly, West Coast Ballet Theatre provides the material (dancers) on which any particular collaboration of 'Dance Artists' will work with in the creation of a production. Secondly, a permanent group to create on via a partnership arrangement removes  the need to start all project's from scratch working with different people every time and so provides continuity and maintains technical standards. What our unique arrangement and collaboration does is to bring together a group of like-minded creative artists (Dance Artists) who desire to work predominantly with dance and to build up as much experience as possible on back-to-back projects. The same creative team, ballet staff, and familiar dancers (WCBT) reflects what it is like to work with a funded established  ballet company. Most creative artists prefer to work freelance for different organisations on different projects, while many others desire the experience of working in an on-going capacity for one group as this is monumental to developing their work and expanding their potential - and why this working relationship is a tremendous asset for all involved.

West Coast Ballet Theatre

West Coast Ballet Theatre is a ballet company specifically set up to be the material upon which 'Dance Artists' creates their work. Dancers are Enrolled Participants or Volunteers who are either a permanent or temporary member of the company. WCBT is structured to reflect a standard ballet company in style and rank as well as offering regular performance seasons, annual events, children's performances, outreach and an education program.

The Ballet Staff

With a commitment to regular seasons of ballet and other events it was felt that WCBT should have a permanent team of qualified and dedicated ballet staff - people who were 100% behind the creative forces and collaborative team of 'Dance Artists'. People that not only love what they are doing and are competent professionals but are also passionate about the creative work they'll be involved with helping to bring to life, as well as totally enthusiastic and supportive of the creative individuals of 'Dance Artists' - their work, and ideas. More details on staff, activities and upcoming events can be found 

The Dancers

The dancers that make up West Coast Ballet Theatre join as an Enrolled Participant or a Volunteer - in the capacity as a permanent company year-round member or for a specific production. As such fees are paid to be a part of the company. The reason for this is because we have absolutely no funding, subsidy or monetary support to run the group and so in order to be in existence the only option has been to make the group self-funding. However, as an enrolled participant or a volunteer member there are significant benefits, opportunities, and experiences which attract dancers to join the company and which in the long and/or short term will have positive benefits for them personally. Prospective dancers apply to become a member and then go through a specific joining process - some of which involves being auditioned before a panel. The dancers in WCBT come from a wide variety of training backgrounds and experiences. If you would like to be a dancer with WCBT go to the 'Joining Us' page on their website  to find out how.

Volunteer Staff

The backbone of West Coast Ballet Theatre is the support of a dedicated and passionate team of ballet lover's who work for as Volunteers keeping the regular rehearsals and Education Events running smoothly as well as facilitating all the live performances. Without them, none of it could happen. Each person is an essential component to the whole and brings with them a wealth of their own experience, knowledge and skills of which both the dancers and the Ballet Staff are truly thankful.  To find out how to be a Volunteer with WCBT go to our 'Joining Us' page on